Nailed it… Cadbury Cupcakes.

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HAPPY EASTER SUNDAY! Hope you had a fun-filled day with friends and family!

I had this fabulous idea to make red velvet cupcakes for Easter, after seeing Cadbury Cupcakes from (pictured on the left.)

I asked Roger to pick us up some chocolate eggs from the store. Tonight was the night, I was determined to make us mini red velvet cakes with Cadbury eggs in the middle!

I started my normal cake-making routine. This time, I use our mini conventional oven. I’ve made pizza in it and always wondered if I could get away with making cake.

Ohhh noooo, no, no! The answer is no, I couldn’t get away with making a cake in my toaster oven. The top was burnt to crisp before the inside cooked and then it con-caved. You know, that over-burnt chewy taste? That’s what I was left with.

It totally turned out awful, but I had a great laugh. Roger was totally still eating it, he’s sweet.

I’d love to hear about your latest baking mishap in the comments below.

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  1. Haha the important part is that you at least tried! This happened to me once. I wanted to make a cake similar to a cute picture I saw and for some reason when I baked it, it came out bumpy and ugly, and it did not taste good haha


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