Pumpkin Mocha Creamer


I’m a coffee freak. Hence, the obsession for coffee recipes. I’m always scheming on healthier ways to have my flavored cup of JOE!

I’m also obsessed with pumpkin, especially around this time of the year. I was in line the first day Starbucks brought the Pumpkin Spice Latte back. I totally binged and ate junk food btw because we were partying hard for Roger’s bday month. It was so worth it.

In my detox from processed sugar, I had a great idea. I can create a healthier version of the pumpkin spice latte, but make it even better with chocolate. A pumpkin mocha.  Party on suckas.



Pre-made organic coffee (I make cold-brewed coffee and heat it up)

1/4 cup of hot water

1/4 cup of organic pumpkin puree

2 cups of organic half & half or milk alternative

4 teaspoons of coconut sugar or raw honey

4 tablespoons of maple syrup

2 tablespoons of raw cacao

1 tablespoon pumpkin spice seasoning

2 drops of vanilla extract



  1. Boil your water and reduce setting to low.
  2. Add in pumpkin purée, coconut sugar, pumpkin spice seasoning, cacao and vanilla extract. Stir in until blended.
  3. Add in milk. Once the milk has warmed up, take off heat and add maple syrup to taste. Put into a closed jar you can use for creamer. It will last for about a week(if you don’t drink it all!)
  4. Prepare your coffee and add creamer to it. BAM! Coffee time!

Do you love coffee? Do you hate coffee? What are your favorite fall drink recipes? Please share them with me down below.

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