What happened when I consumed processed food for two months


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Roger + I usually eat organic fruits + veggies, free-range meats and have a set schedule of certain supplements that we use to keep us healthy through-out the year. Well….. Roger’s birthday came around and we partied. Then partied some more, and now we’ve discovered. We’re addicted to the foods we despise!

It’s pretty easy to binge during this time of the year, all the candy corn and pumpkin treats. So that’s my argument. : p

How it happened

We binged straight for two months exactly and I caught the flu. I haven’t been sick in over a year! And, this was a miserable kind of sick. It reminded me of my bad diet days of getting sick at least once a month.

I had the chills, the sweats, horrible sore throat(which a friend recommended sea salt and warm water gargle, it helped!) really bad nausea, upset stomach, dry cough, mucus. Normal symptoms for the flu, but not normal for me.

It opened my eyes even more to the world of processed food and what it’s doing to people’s overall well-being. I’ve also wondered the long-term effects of eating processed food for years considering I’ve only binged for two months.

Symptoms I’ve had as of late

I’ve been dealing with other symptoms (which I can personally say are from diet and all the processed food I’ve been eating) along with the flu which include

  • brain fog
  • depression/anxiety has been heightened
  • major sugar/salt cravings
  • nails are breaking
  • skin is breaking out
  • dry skin, dry hair

I’ve luckily have fixed all these ailments through diet alone for myself including getting the common colds, flu and random bouts of sickness.

So let’s just say it’s detox time.

Through experimentation… I recently discovered I have a bad allergy to processed soy, especially soybean oil. It causes extreme anxiety, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, rashes, and stomach upset in my body. Which is… not good. I thought I was just crazy. I cut out all caffeine, and was seriously considering using some natural herbal remedies for my extreme anxiety.

There is beauty in a binge considering I would have never discovered how allergic to soy I am. The funny thing is, I’ve never had a problem with fermented soy so I’m thinking it has something to do with GMO/processed soy.

If you’ve been suffering from illness, you should experiment with different foods. As we’re coming to be allergic to a lot of new ingredients and chemicals being put on the market. While, it may not cure you or be an end to your symptoms. It may help in how you feel. I’ve personally noticed a big difference.

What ingredient have you taken out of your diet? How did it help your overall health? Please comment below or hit me up on Facebook. I love hearing from you!

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    Wow I could not imagine eating processed foods for that long. I can imagine the “side effects” that you had. This reminds me of the one who ate fast food for a period of time. ;-)

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      Yeah, it’s bad. A lot of people only eat packaged/processed food and that astounds me! I used to mainly eat pre-made, packaged foods in my teenage years when I was more ignorant to the practices of the food industry. Glad I changed that! :)

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    I have an allergic reaction to soy as well UGH! Makes me very nauseous. I’m all for organic as long as it truly IS organic, but that’s getting convoluted with Congress removing some of the certifiables in order to appease processed food companies. Luckily, I live close to a farmers market where I can be sure the items are truly home grown. Get better!

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    Over the years, I’ve stopped eating carbs with dinner, added more veggies, and eat red meat only rarely. After the chaos of moving I found myself eating too much fast food. It was a no-brainer that I felt like crud after eating so much horrible food. People can really benefit from learning to be more in tune with their bodies and realizing how what they eat will effect how they feel.

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      I totally agree. There are so many illnesses and symptoms. I sometimes wonder if it’s something that could be prevented through figuring out what works for your body and what doesn’t, as everyone is different.

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    I’m currently working on my diet as well. I don’t eat fast food as much. I haven’t had a soda in years. I’m trying to add more fruit and vegetables to my diet.

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      It’s hard, but you can do it! The way I was able to include more vegetables in my diet was to make sure I only have fruits and veggie options available. Then you start getting creative and wonder why you didn’t include veg + fruits in your life. :) The only way I was able to cut out processed sugar was to always have organic/local strawberries on hand. I would gorge out on a whole carton of strawberries, but to me it was okay because that’s healthier than a carton of ice cream.

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    Our most recent eating improvement has been to have fresh fruit for desert instead of sweets. I gave up sweets for 21 days, but still crave them. Maybe that wasn’t long enough.

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      I’d say it takes awhile, but it’s different for everyone. It took me more than a few binges to completely cut out processed sugar and I still struggle. What has always worked for me, was making sure I have healthy sweets on hand in case I have some major cravings. It’s usually when I don’t have healthy options, I binge. I never feel satisfied with processed sugar either. I always want more… like a sugar monster. Lol.

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    Oh man. I know those symptoms well. When I added gluten back into my diet, I felt them and then some. A detox is in order here, too.

    And belated birthday greetings to Roger.

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      Gluten is another one for me, but it doesn’t mess with me as much as soy does. I found through cutting out gluten, my migraines subsided. It’s so crazy how such harmless foods can trigger symptoms. Maybe we can detox together and encourage each other! Thank you for stopping by and Roger says thanks :)

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    What a great article!!! And a neat experiment as well…. I have noticed how much better I feel when I do eat better…. it’s like magic!!! Sorry you were ill but it was a great learning experience huh? :)
    Also – I love the font on your site BTW.

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      Thank you so much. Definitely a learning experience and I most likely won’t be going back to the junk food life anytime soon! The soy reaction was the most eye-opening for me. All this time I thought I was just a spazz. ;)

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    I’ve been curious about trying a detox. I have friends and family members who swear by them and I’m definitely feeling the need for a change, so this is good incentive.

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    I love to cook and when I do, I try to be as healthy as possible. I can’t sit here and say I don’t eat fast food from time to time and I still indulge in things that probably make my skin break out and leave me feeling rather sluggish…or was that the whiskey? But having been in central California for the last 9 months has given me a wonderful opportunity to get out of the grocery store and into the farmers markets where my hubby and I buy fabulous fresh fruit, veggies and the most delicious greens! Salads are so much tastier when they’re that fresh. Bagged greens in the store are ok, but when you have the opportunity to enjoy them directly from the growers, the taste difference is huge! I’d also love to try a detox but there’s so much info out there on different kinds, I’m overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Thanks for the post – it’ll make me think twice about my menus for the rest of the week!

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    Ugh, so sorry you got sick and also binged! Yeah the GMOs sugar additives can really do a number on the immune system. I have extreme anxiety myself, what herbs do you take?

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      I haven’t actually used anything, but was seriously contemplating because my anxiety is off the hook sometimes. My friend told me bach flower is really amazing for anxiety though.

      • says

        Balch Flower remedies never worked for me sadly. Still looking for something that helps with anxiety. Apart from laying off caffeine which I need to do…

        • Jody says

          Aw that sucks.

          I never realized soy was a problem for me until now.I mean I knew it was unhealthy in general, but never noticed any anxiety from it. I need to experiment and try to limit it as much as I can(which will be hard because I feel like there are trace amounts of soy in a lot of products.) I’m sort of thinking part of my anxiety is actually from diet…. and the other part is psychological lol. Which is hard to fix other than writing or letting yourself be sad for a few days. Or sleeping haha.

          Otherwise, I drink tea without caffeine at night and i’ll put coconut oil or hemp oil in everything. Omega 3’s help with my anxiety/depression. I put it in coffee, tea, smoothies. Lol.

          I also thought caffeine was causing my anxiety, but when I cut it out for a few months and it didn’t help. I realized it wasn’t coffee. Which I was way happy about because I really enjoy my daily cup. I only limit myself to 1-2 coffees in the early day though or else I’ll be up all night.

          We should keep each other updated in our anxiety-free search because I’d be interested in trying new things. Sometimes my panic attacks can get really bad. I just ride them out, I refuse to take medicine for it.

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    Sometimes binging on those not so awesome foods serves as the perfect reminder to keep on the course of an inconvenient but far more healthy eating habits. My body developed a natural allergy to meat after I participated in a daniel fast, which made me majorly reevaluate what I was putting into my body that would cause such drastic reactions. I agree that the side effects are so frustrating and sometimes so hard to resist with such tempting treats, but at the end of the day – it’s worth the sacrifices!